Dear New Readers,

I am fairly certain that I’ve got a few new people coming and going and it’s great to “see” you here. I hope you are enjoying things so far. I don’t generally solicit reviews and comments, and I do not want anyone to feel obligated. However, it  behooves me to mention that one of the best ways to get me motivated to finish and post chapters is reading what people like about my story. If you’d still rather not, that’s fine.

Take care!


2016 Can Eat Chaurus Shit and Die


I grew up in the 80s. David Bowie, Prince, George Michael were the foundations on which much of my musical tastes and sensibilities were built. Even when I became too cool for top 40 and whatever it was MTV was morphing into, Bowie was still weird enough to appeal, Prince’s genius remained unparalleled, and George Michael’s unabashed embrace and expression of his sexuality was inspired. I mourned their deaths, spending the day(s) that followed, listening to my favorite songs and celebrating their artistic and social contributions with others on social media. Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XXVII: The Sparrows (commission)

The Sparrows are Evangeline Sigeweald’s spies, with agents now throughout Tamriel. Initially, they  were the mages who were first to arrive at Frostcrag Spire, when Evangeline’s resistance movement was still in its infancy. They were the ones who quite literally built the movement from the ground up, constructing the village, amassing supplies, gathering intelligence, and developing covert relationships with the world outside of Frostcrag. Evangeline called these busybodies her Sparrows and the name stuck as they developed a more elaborate spy network. I’ve been working on a bunch of short stories about these spies and decided to have the amazingly talented  needlesslycryptic  paint two of my spy characters, Mannbjorn Raven-Stone and Zephyra, both stationed in Skyrim. Continue reading