Spectacular Fan Art XXXI: Bedyn Sigeweald (Commission)

Bedyn Sigeweald, by the always-amazing Nastia. I could write a whole book on just this man alone. But suffice to say, Elspeth’s father has been through a lot. I gave Nastia some references and she managed to capture just how aged and exhausted he is.   Continue reading “Spectacular Fan Art XXXI: Bedyn Sigeweald (Commission)”


Spectacular Fan Art XXX: Evangeline Sigeweald (Patreon/Commission)

Guys, I can’t even. I know what that means now. Divines know Memai has made some amazing art for me over the years (and one I haven’t even posted yet of an upcoming ‘ship). But this, this might be the one that has killed me dead.

Continue reading “Spectacular Fan Art XXX: Evangeline Sigeweald (Patreon/Commission)”

In the Meantime III: Onmund’s Solace

Author’s note: I triple pinkie swear that I will get back to the main story immediately. But since I can’t stop thinking about what’s going on with other characters I figure I might as well share my thoughts with everyone. Anyway, enjoy!


It was late afternoon when they arrived in Windhelm, Onmund’s stomach growing tighter with each step once the city walls came into view. He’d been eager to take jobs that would get him out of Winterhold, but now the memory of his last time in Windhelm with Elspeth was suddenly fresh. Continue reading “In the Meantime III: Onmund’s Solace”