Under the Purple Sky, Chapter Two: Durak

Durak arrived at the Four Shields Inn, just this side of irritated. Getting Trygve Wartooth had been a boon, but recruitment was not going well. There were a couple potentials in Whiterun and that one kid from Karthwasten, but he had not actually secured any commitments. Continue reading


Spectacular Fan Art XXXV: Lora (Patreon/Commission/Gift)

This might be my favorite* image Memai‘s done for me and it’s not even my character.  Allow me to introduce Lorasephona Jorius, who belongs to SoulStealer1987 over on Tumblr and whose story you can read at AO3. Check out Lora’s journal as well as her hilarious If Skyrim Had Chatrooms and her interpretation of the Dragonborn story, Ziist Grozein, which has an amnesiac Gallus as the Dragonborn. Continue reading

Under the Purple Sky, Chapter One: Idgrod the Younger

It had been almost a week since Idgrod the Younger had been to Falion’s house. She meant to go over every night to visit Prisca, but Joric needed her. A spate of visions and nightmares had consumed her brother’s mind, and he needed constant supervision. Her mother, the Jarl, was in a similar state, keeping her father occupied. This left their housecarl Gorm, to handle a good deal of court business. To say that this was less than ideal was an understatement. Morthal had always been among the poorest of Skyrim’s towns but until recently, the citizens had been quiet and content. Now they were angry, coming by day after day, demanding answers on everything from dragons and vampires to the mysterious mage who had recently taken up residence and with whom the Jarl spent a good deal of time conferring. Continue reading

Call me N’Wah Chapter Four: 3 Sun’s Dawn, 3E 427

3 Sun’s Dawn, 3E 427
Balmora, Vvardenfell, Morrowind

The food in Morrowind is horrible. All anyone seems to eat around here is kwama egg. Granted, you can get eggs any which way you like them, and the publican at the local corner club makes a fine poached egg. But my goodness, I have yet to encounter anything resembling a fresh vegetable. At this point, I would kill a man for a bunch of carrots. And I don’t even like carrots.

I suppose I should not complain, but it’s a wonder the population hasn’t starved to death.

So, I spent most of the day eating eggs and meeting with Caius’s colleagues. I was pleased to find that one of them, Rithleen, is also a Redguard. She encouraged me to stay with her, rather than Caius and she would help me find work tomorrow. She also said that if I can make it down to Vivec and Ebonheart, which is the large Imperial stronghold, I can procure spices and butter for cooking.

If I didn’t think it would offend the ancestors, I would join the Imperial cult just for the food.

They do have some interesting strong liquors. We shared several bottles of Sujamma with Tyermaillin who is another colleague of Caius. He is an Altmer, a restoration mage, and surprisingly—an orphan, like me. Well, not entirely like me. Where I was taken in by a family, Tyer grew up in a community of monks in the Temple of Syrabane. He learned restoration magic from them and they expected he would become a monk, but he changed his mind and joined Arcane University instead. Then he was stationed here when he was recruited for Caius’s group. When I asked if he thought the monks were disappointed, he said he didn’t care. He wasn’t ungrateful for their tutelage, but no one ever asked if he wanted to grow up in a temple.

It was odd to me, that he didn’t share more intense feelings about his guardians—either warm appreciation or bitter disdain. And I can’t tell if he’s simply aloof, like every other Altmer I’ve known, or if the monks instilled in him a dispassionate quality. It’s curious to me. I love my family—my parents took me and raised me as their own; I never felt I was any less theirs than my brother.

In any case, I will end this now. I’ve got to gather the few things I have and move them to Rithleen’s flat.