Book Two, Chapter Thirty-One: Lay the Blame on Luck

Author Note 1: Many thanks to Pyrelle for his contribution to this chapter and for allowing me to include some of his characters.  Apologies in advance for using a trope I normally despise.

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Under the Purple Sky, Chapter Three: Jordis the Sword-Maiden

I’m lonesome since I crossed the hill,
And o’er the moorland sedgy
Such heavy thoughts my heart do fill,
Since parting with my Betsey
I seek for one as fair and gay,
But find none to remind me
How sweet the hours I passed away,
With the girl I left behind me.…. Continue reading

Under the Purple Sky, Chapter Two: Durak

Durak arrived at the Four Shields Inn, just this side of irritated. Getting Trygve Wartooth had been a boon, but recruitment was not going well. There were a couple potentials in Whiterun and that one kid from Karthwasten, but he had not actually secured any commitments. Continue reading

Book Two, Chapter Thirty: You Learn to Give and Give Again

It has been nearly two months and I’ve still not heard from either Trygve or Onmund. Trygve has not responded to my correspondence and Onmund has not sent any. Lydia feels that I should be the one to initiate contact with Onmund, as I am the one whose actions have compromised the integrity of our relationship. Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XXXV: Xeri (Patreon/Commission)

I wrote this several years ago in a fit of writer’s block. I do not have writers block now–in fact I am working steadily on the next chapter.  However, it seems appropriate to repost since I now have artwork from the amazing memai to accompany it. Enjoy!

Whatever prowess Dragonborn Elspeth demonstrates in battle, she owes to the formidable Xeri Tharys, her irreverent and sardonic trainer and mentor, who was also her father’s trainer and mentor.  Continue reading