Dollmakers, time wasting shenanigans

This post is for Wendy. No one else can look at this post with pictures of millions of my stupid original Skyrim/Elder Scrolls characters. Okay, well you can look.  Continue reading “Dollmakers, time wasting shenanigans”


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 8

The walk from Ilinalta’s Deep back to Riverwood was the worst yet. The fight in the dungeon had taken so much out of them. And after something only sort of vaguely resembling sleep on the bedrolls that had belonged to the necromancer’s they’d killed, they were determined to get back to the Sleeping Giant Inn, where Trygve promised they would stay for one full night. She knew he didn’t want to, that he would keep pushing himself, stealing only bits and pieces of sleep here and there. Continue reading “30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 8”

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 1

I am taking part of in a 30-day writing challenge put together by WriterCookie. I will be treating her prompts as warm ups to get back into a daily writing groove with a 150-200 word warm up. I will also use the prompts to exorcise those niggling thoughts of future plots that I can’t seem to shake. There will be plenty of familiar faces, but no spoilers.

The prompt will be highlighted and italicized in each post.

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