11 thoughts on “The Rise of House Sigeweald Starts Here

      • You’d like that wouldn’t you? I posted a new chapter, baked cupcakes, and did laundry today. I’m finding the pressure of animated fan fiction entirely too oppressive.

      • At least you are keeping yourself busy. I am reading your latest entry now. I have been staring at a blank page for days trying to write my next entry and make it humorous and longer than a paragraph…

      • That makes one of us LoL I typically have a 3 entry buffer but it has just been so damn hard for me to find my words that my buffer is now gone.

      • My problem is that sometimes I have a buffer (stuff written ahead because I got so excited about a specific idea) and sometimes I don’t (the stuff in between that). I’m trying to maintain 1-2 posts/week.

      • I typically have to rewrite my buffers so they play nice with one another. I start out with a basic run down of everything I did in the game which usually gets me a few paragraphs and then I flesh it out as I look through my screenshots. But lately it has been so difficult fleshing things out. It feels like my mind is trudging through sludge.

      • The other problem I have is that this story is actually being adapted from a different one that broke canon and lore in ways that were seriously embarrassing (although they were fun to write). When I decided to post it and work the story into the lore I had to change a bunch of things. Now I’ll occasionally come across something that no longer works and I have to fix it.

        That’s actually where Aine came from. She was an original character and she made more sense in my old story but I forgot to take her out as I was writing. In the meantime, however, she makes a convenient extra body/mouth for random dialogue.

      • extra characters add to the immersion of the story. I think I am done writing my next entry was even able to add in a little surprise earlier than I had anticipated. Not sure it is my best work but it is passable. I will probably rewrite and flesh it out even more tomorrow as I tend to never truely be happy with what I have written.

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