Book II


Chapter One: So Many People in the Neighborhood

Chapter Two: There must be some other way out of here

Chapter Three: Don’t be shocked by the sound of my voice

Chapter Four: In an interstellar burst I am back to save the universe

Analepsis A

Chapter Five: The time to rise has been engaged

Chapter Six: And they’re there for you/For you alone you are the everything

Chapter Seven: We all have something that digs at us

Chapter Eight: Now there’s a hole in the sky and the ground’s not cold

Chapter Nine: Are you looking for the motherlode?

Chapter Ten: Ghosts Appear and Fade Away

Chapter Eleven: There’s a room where the light won’t find you

In the Meantime I: Something Unexpected this way Comes

Chapter Twelve: Your mind is made up but your mouth is undone

Chapter Thirteen: Counting days and building walls, bells ring so’s to warn

Chapter Fourteen: Birdie in the hand for life’s rich demand

Chapter Fifteen: Try this trick and spin it, yeah

Chapter Sixteen: That cat’s something I can’t explain

Chapter Seventeen: When I Try to Understand, She Just Opens Up her Hands

Chapter Eighteen: Once there Was a Way to Get Back Homeward

Chapter Nineteen: There’s Someone in My Head but It’s Not Me

Chapter Twenty: The Best Thing and the Worst Thing in My Life

Chapter Twenty-One: So Many Things I Would Have Done

Chapter Twenty Two: What Happens in Riften Stays in Riften

Chapter Twenty-Three: Into the Shining Sun

Chapter Twenty-Four: The Lies that You Believe

Chapter Twenty-Five, Part One: Everyone is Ready to Arrive

Chapter Twenty-Five, Part Two: Everyone is Ready to Arrive

Chapter Twenty-Six: Everybody’s Waiting for a Fall

Chapter Twenty Seven: Coming Down is the Hardest Thing

In the Meantime II: Trygve’s Lament

In the Meantime III: Onmund’s Solace

Book Two, Chapter Twenty-Eight: You Must Know Me

Book Two, Chapter Twenty-Nine: Strangers on this road we are on

Book Two, Chapter Thirty: You Learn to Give and Give Again

Book Two, Chapter Thirty-One: Lay the Blame on Luck

In the Meantime IV: Trygve’s Contrition



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