28 Days of Character Development: Trygve

The Challenge

Day One: General Biography

Day Two: Relationships, Parents and Siblings

Day Three: Marriage and Children

Day Four: Alternate Universe

Day Five: Happiest Childhood Memory

Day Six: Religion/Spirituality

Day Seven: Relationships [Elspeth]

Day Eight: Sex and Romance

Day Nine: Deepest Kept Secret

Day Ten: Coping Mechanisms

Day Eleven: Hardest Thing  Your Character Has Ever Had to Do

Day Twelve: Dear Past Me

Day Thirteen: Weaknesses, Vices, and Bad Habits

Day Fourteen: Relationships [Lydia]

Day Fifteen: Inheritance

Day Sixteen: Patronus (formerly spirit animal)

Day Seventeen: TARDIS

Day Eighteen: Friends, Enemies, Frienemies

Day Nineteen: What Happens in Riften, Stays in Riften

Day Twenty: Relationships [Riften]

Day Twenty One: Dear Future Me

Day Twenty Two (Trygve): Alignment

Days 23 & 24 (Trygve): Everyday Shit and Favorites

Day Twenty-Five (Trygve): One Thing

Day Twenty-Six: Dinner Party

Day Twenty-Seven: Relationships [Creator]

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