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Brave Elspeth

That feel when the on-line story generator is more productive…. Continue reading


Spectacular Fan Art XXXVII: Maeve Sigeweald, (Patreon/Commission)

A/N: Here is an excerpt from my Oblivion fic, from when my Hero of Kvatch first met Martin Septim.  It is AWFUL and I am truly and genuinely sorry.  It was written so long ago. However, before the excerpt and artwork, let me again thank Memai for doing such an amazing job with this. I love the colors so much. Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XXXVI: In Articulo Mortis (Patreon/Commission/Gift)

This month’s Patreon comes with a current work-in-progress for the upcoming chapter (though likely part 2 of said chapter). The text here is very rough and rather short, but it seems appropriate. As always, I want to thank the amazing Memai for doing this beloved character such justice. Continue reading