TV Tropes (under construction)

This is it! This is the TV Tropes page I always wanted. This page will document the tropes (TV) that my stories employ. Since Skyrim already has a page on the website, this page will indicate those tropes that are (more or less) specific to my characters and plot. There will, of course, be some overlap.

I remember the day that Elspeth was born. Nirn shook below my feet and there was joy.
~Xeri Tharys

No one can train to be a legend.
~Trygve Wartooth

[story summary]

Action girl: Elspeth, Yarah, Xeri, Evangeline, even Nerussa at times…really who isn’t in this story?
Action mom: Evangeline
After-Action Patch Up: Trygve is a healer after all. There are other moments too, of course, some of which will involve more serious and dramatic injuries, resulting in After-Action Healing Drama
All Girls Want Bad Boys: As long as the “bad boy” in question is more of a Lovable Rogue or misanthrope-turned-squish, than an abusive asshole, I’m okay with this trope. However, one of my favorite things to do with tropes that are clichéd is to subvert them. And the fact that Elspeth first romance is with the College’s sweetest mage, does this somewhat. I’d also posit that despite being a little rougher around the edges than Onmund, Ralof is another cinnamon roll that Elspeth likes. Hronger, with his overt war mongering, is something of a bad boy, as are Vipir and J’Zargo, which puts Lydia square in the middle of this trope. Of course, Lydia is a fairly moral individual so I’m not sure she agrees with Hrongar on the war question and she dropped Viper like the hot, thieves guild potato he was. But it is their undeniable roguish charms that attracted her.
Badass family: Elspeth, Evangeline, Bedyn
Big Damn Heroes: I love this trope I made a direct reference to it in a chapter. This was not-so-shamefully copied from Firefly. But this story is all about Big Damn Heroes and many of them.
Boy Meets Girl: All aspects of this trope will play out in some way with different characters and ships.
Cuffs off, Rub Wrists: I love that this is even listed on the site as if rubbing your wrists after being in binds isn’t a complete natural reaction.
Bar (Tavern) Brawl: With Uthgerd and Benor, maybe others.
How do I Shot Web?: Elspeth discovering her shouting powers, shouting at Trygve.
The Power Trio: It’s no secret I like to do things in 3’s. When it comes to casting my stories, I definitely prefer an ensemble to a single sidekick. And my ensembles tend to happen in 3’s: Elspeth, Trygve, and Lydia; Evangeline, Xeri, and Nerussa; Yarah, Bedyn, and Nerien. One notable pattern among these groups is they are each comprised of 2 OCs and 1 NPC. As far as some of those subcategories are concerned, however, Elspeth & Co. are also a rough take on Blonde, Brunette, and Redhead—though Trygve’s hair ranges from red-brown to brown. He’s not really a proper ginger. There are definitely shades of Town Girls and Knight, Knave and Squire with Evangeline & Co. With respect to Yarah &Co, we don’t have much to go on as of yet, but thinking ahead, but they are probably closest to the Freudian Trio.
Care Bear Stare: Subverted somewhat. It happens when Onmund and Elspeth are doing illusion training and he puts her under various calm spells. However, Onmund finds this type of comfort-giving artificial and he feels terrible that he can’t simply ease Elspeth’s mind with just his words and affection.
Sadist teacher. This is Xeri, without a doubt. To be fair, however, she doesn’t necessarily inflict suffering on students for the sake of it. So she probably does lean toward the badass teacher trope as well.