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Book Two, Chapter Twenty-Three: Straight into the Shining Sun

(Author note: Some context points: (1) this chapter begins where chapter sixteen left off, with Nerien leaving Mzulft, and occurs before/concurrently with Labyrinthian an the Eye of Magnus.  (2) The prophesy brought up here was mentioned at the very end of chapter thirteen.


Nerien was furious. After leaving Mzulft and thinking more about how Quaranir had gone behind his back and sought Elspeth out on his own, he had to restrain himself from finding the other monk and demanding an explanation. In his rage, he could only imagine the most distrustful reasons for such a betrayal, that his colleague meant to push him aside and claim the honor of finding a champion for himself. But this behavior and the feelings of paranoia and frustration: as a monk of the Psijic Order they were beneath him. He would not confront the other mer; he would consult the Oracle. Continue reading

Analepsis C

Elspeth skipped dinner and went straight to the Mystic Archives.  For the rest of the University, it was still early and she secured a table toward the back, far from the entrance, where she would be able to work in relative peace and quiet.  She had research notes to transcribe, qualifying exams to study and practice for, and a presentation—on the aforementioned research—to prepare.  She was tired and sore and she had more work than time, even less time if she intended to sleep at all.  She had fallen behind, having only just returned from a particularly grueling training session.  It had taken her twice as long as she expected to clear the Aleyid ruin Xeri sent her to.

To make matters worse, just as she settled in with her books open and her notes spread out, she looked up and saw Andil and Dabienne sitting down at a table across the room.  Elspeth’s stomach lurched and she dropped her head so they wouldn’t see her.  She attempted to read but she found it difficult to focus.

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