Dollmakers, time wasting shenanigans

This post is for Wendy. No one else can look at this post with pictures of millions of my stupid original Skyrim/Elder Scrolls characters. Okay, well you can look.  Continue reading “Dollmakers, time wasting shenanigans”


Book Two, Chapter Seventeen: When I Try to Understand, She Just Opens up her Hands

Come to me, Kynareth, for without you, I might not know the mysteries of the world, and so blind and in error, I might consume and profane the abundance of your beautiful treasures.

~ Pocket Guide to the Empire, 3rd Edition

 “I’m the innkeeper. It’s my business to keep track of strangers.”

Xeri was about to tell the irritable and anxious Breton exactly what she could do about her business when Nerussa sidled up and shoved a tankard of ale into her hand.  “Please excuse my friend,” she said, scowling at Xeri, “we’ve had a very long day.  And I can assure you, we’re leaving in a couple of hours.”

Before Xeri could protest, Nerussa gripped her arm and dragged her to a table on the other side of the tavern and away from the curious eyes of the innkeeper.   “Why do you always have to make everything so difficult?” she asked as they settled into their chairs.

The Dunmer ignored this question and gestured to the papers that Nerussa was pulling out of her bag.  “Have you translated that scroll yet?” Continue reading “Book Two, Chapter Seventeen: When I Try to Understand, She Just Opens up her Hands”

Book Two Chapter Thirteen: Counting days and building walls, bells ring so’s to warn

In your tales you have many names for her: Al-Esh, given to her in awe, that when translated sounds like a redundancy, “the high high,” from which come the more familiar corruptions: Aleshut, Esha, Alessia. You knew her as Paravant, given to her when crowned, “first of its kind,” by which the gods meant a mortal worthy of the majesty that is killing-questing-healing.”

~Morihaus from The Adabal-a

“You know how much I love Skyrim, really and truly,” said Xeri, her voice dripping with sarcasm, “but shouldn’t this ritual take place in Imperial City where—at least, where the statue of St. Alessia once stood?”  She frowned and pulled her cloak tightly as she looked around the snow-covered clearing. Continue reading “Book Two Chapter Thirteen: Counting days and building walls, bells ring so’s to warn”

Book Two, Chapter Nine: Are you looking for the motherlode?

“Ladies, if these ruins frighten you, take comfort in the knowledge that I am here.”

Xeri scowled as the pretentious mage stepped ahead and up to the platform where Nerussa has used the aetherium shards to raise the enormous entrance to the ruins of Bthalft, where the ancient forge was said to be housed.

“Remind me,” she said as he moved out of earshot, “Why did we hire a mercenary?  I could be a mercenary.  You should be paying me.”

“I’m sorry,” said Evangeline, taking care to keep her voice down although she was certain that Marcurio knew exactly how the ornery Dunmer felt about him, and he simply didn’t care.  “It’s my fault.” Continue reading “Book Two, Chapter Nine: Are you looking for the motherlode?”

Book Two, Chapter Five: The time to rise has been engaged

“So, Maeve Sigeweald was schtupping Martin Septim,” said Xeri, grinning mischievously and breaking the somewhat awkward silence that had settled in as everyone reflected on Nerussa’s story.  “Good for her.”

“It’s not true,” said Evangeline as she shook her head.  She got up and strode briskly over to a shelf from which she pulled a tattered, loosely bound book.

“Oh Evangeline, you know better than anyone what cold, lonely nights in Cloud Ruler Temple can lead to,” teased Xeri. Continue reading “Book Two, Chapter Five: The time to rise has been engaged”