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30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 7

“Is that blood?”


Trygve turned and inspected her robe more closely. It was indeed blood. Shaking his head, he let out a trembling, worried breath. Continue reading


30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 6

I’m going to fall a bit behind on these challenges over the weekend since I will be switching the focus to posting the rest of chapter 25. But, in the meantime, here’s another moment in the life of modern-day Trygve and Elspeth.

Continue reading

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 5

“As military governor, I have full authority to conscript any able-bodied citizen I see fit to serve and if Elspeth refuses, I have the right to compel her to serve or throw her in jail if she refuses.”

No you don’t!” Balgruuf was most displeased at this. Continue reading

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3

“Da! Daaaaa!!! Over here! The Dragonborn is over here.”

Elspeth groaned as she regained consciousness. Opening her eyes, she saw a small child, not much older than five or six, looking down at her. She tried to smile but all she could do was groan. Continue reading