In the Meantime III: Onmund’s Solace

Author’s note: I triple pinkie swear that I will get back to the main story immediately. But since I can’t stop thinking about what’s going on with other characters I figure I might as well share my thoughts with everyone. Anyway, enjoy!


It was late afternoon when they arrived in Windhelm, Onmund’s stomach growing tighter with each step once the city walls came into view. He’d been eager to take jobs that would get him out of Winterhold, but now the memory of his last time in Windhelm with Elspeth was suddenly fresh. Continue reading


Book Two, Chapter Twenty Four: The Lies that You Believe

(This chapter contains adult themes.)

“Pah WERID, all praise… SONaaN LUNERIO, blah blah” Elspeth was studying the wall, muttering the words when Lydia sidled up next to her.

“Can you read all of that now?” she asked, eyes wide with curiosity.

Elspeth shook her head and looked at her friend slightly askance. Since leaving the college, she had fallen silent again, much like when they left Whiterun for High Hrothgar. Except this time Lydia was no longer wallowing in the depths of despair. Though it was apparent to Elspeth that she was purposely turning inward, she dared not ask why. Things were already awkward enough. Continue reading

Chapter Twenty-Six: From every dingy basement, on every dingy street

“Where are you going?”  Lydia woke to find Elspeth getting dressed.  It was just after 1AM.

“I can’t sleep,” she replied.  “I’m just going to step outside for some air.”

Elspeth was miserable.  She had barely spoken on the walk to Windhelm.  Then the only room available at Candlehearth Hall that evening was the one she’d shared with Onmund the week before.  Lydia, knowing she was a poor substitute, wanted nothing more than to comfort her friend and she found herself doing something she swore she’d never do again.  She was calling on the blessings of Mara, praying for her plan would work. Continue reading

Chapter Eleven: As the Madmen Play on Words and Make us all Dance to their Song

This chapter is dedicated to the memory of my Grandpa Joe.


They decided to stop for the night in Windhelm.  Lydia wanted to break up the long carriage ride and Elspeth hoped to see Ralof.  The weather turned very cold, very suddenly as they approached the city and Elspeth was envious of Lydia whose natural cold resistance made her impervious to the winter winds.  Once again, she was immensely grateful for the cloak the Idolaf had given her and she wrapped it around tightly as she and Lydia disembarked the carriage by the stables and made their way over the immense stone bridge.  By some accounts, Windhelm was the oldest city in Skyrim and Elspeth was overwhelmed by the old stone walls and archways as they walked up to the entrance.

As they walked into the city, Elspeth saw two large Nord men who appeared to be harassing a Dunmer woman.  As they approached, they could hear one of the men shouting, “You come here where you’re not wanted, you eat our food, you pollute our city with your stink and you refuse to help the Stormcloaks.”

Continue reading