Under the Purple Sky: Celann

“The Orc said for Isaran’s hands only.” The courier was insistent and Celann knew that he was only doing his job, but the sigh he let out indicated his clear exasperation with the matter. Though if he was honest, if Durak only wanted Isran to receive the correspondence, he probably had a good reason.

“Fine,” he said, “follow me.” He led the young man through the fort’s massive foyer and up the tower staircase to Isran’s office, where their leader was unpacking and repacking barrels of varying contents. The administrative area that Isran was trying to organizing was a disaster but he insisted that he not have any help, and that the rest of the crew needed to work on training. Continue reading

Your Hands Only, Disaster Mail: #3


Your Hands Only is a new weekly(ish) feature in which our author, by way of correspondence, will share authorial insights into her creative process as she attempts to finish this epic disaster. She will attempt to keep spoilers to a minimum but there will be some so proceed with caution. Readers are welcome to submit questions and letters to elspethaurilie@gmail.com. Queries may also be left in the comments. Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XXIX: The Cantor Sisters (Commission)

I still have, in my  never-ending collection of drafts, a Dawnguard-based story. I plan on posting it some day, but in the meantime, all I have been able to accomplish is paying people to draw some of the characters for me. This is Sabrina Dae Cantor and Prisca Isabela Cantor by conspiracylil over on Tumblr. I’ve had art made of Prisca before, as she is the story’s main protagonist, but the more I think about the story, the more I’ve developed Sabrina’s character as well. Initially, she was only supposed to make a brief appearance at the beginning, but she’s slowly become more prominent.  Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XIX: V’ivan and Prisca (Commission)

I know I’ve been posting a lot of art lately, but it all just sort of descended at once.  Anyway, allow me to introduce V’ivan and Prisca Isabela Cantor, the protagonists of Under the Purple Sky, the Dawnguard story I have been working on but have yet to post. I’ve been thinking about this art for a long time now and commissioned Memai (who did Elspeth and Onmund last year).  I can’t even begin to talk about how excited I am about this. The details onV’iv’s armor and Prisca’s outfit, V’iv’s hair…all of these are incredible. But my favorite part is the look of slight trepidation and awe on Prisca’s face as she looks up and back andV’iv. I didn’t include that in the description, Memai is just that good.  Continue reading

Greetings and Salutations XXV

I had this amazing eureka moment recently about the direction I want to take my Dawnguard story and I am really glad that I did not post that original prologue way back when. I’m excited about it again. And I think I’m ready to look at the next chapter in the main story again. I’ll admit, I got really frustrated with it and pushed it aside. Thankfully, I had some Skyrim-lore related projects to keep me occupied in the meantime. Thank you Wendy.

I also went through and counted how many posts I have for the other blog and I have about ten drafts of things that just need to be finished and/or edited. I have such a block when it comes to completing things. I keep saying I wish a pile of money would fall on my head so I could quit my job and just blog and write stories all day. And then, then I would get things done, right?

Wrong. I would probably just write and not finish more things.

In any case, I hope everyone is doing well. I’m going to try to get two things done on this blog by June 1st that are neither G&S posts nor other announcements. We’ll see.