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Your Hands Only, Disaster Mail: #2


Your Hands Only is a new weekly(ish) feature in which our author, by way of correspondence, will share authorial insights into her creative process as she attempts to finish this epic disaster. She will attempt to  keep spoilers to a minimum but there will be some so proceed with caution. Readers are welcome to submit questions and letters to elspethaurilie@gmail.com. Queries may also be left in the comments. Continue reading


Reasons I’m not updating…

Or keeping up with writing challenges. Those challenges were fun, I must say, and the short bursts of writing were making it easier to get into a writing mood. The problem is that, instead of anything I should be working on right now,  I am feeling inspired to write the following: Continue reading

Chapter Thirty-One: My heroes had the heart, to lose their life out on a limb.

“An Imperial, and Breton, and a Nord are drinking at an inn.  They each get a fly in their mead. The Breton pushes his tankard away in disgust. The Imperial reaches into his glass and plucks the fly out. The Nord plucks the fly out, shakes it violently over the glass, saying, Spit it out, ya bugger!”

Yep, thought Elspeth, we’re going to die.  She could hear Benor laughing beside her and starting another joke.  “A priestess of Arkay and a Vigilant of Stendarr walk into a tavern….”

This was the Gods’ punishment for her reckless zeal and stubborn determination.  At the Drunken Huntsman, Jenassa had offered her services when she asked for directions to Northwatch Keep, but no, Elspeth wanted to keep the mission anonymous and find someone outside of Whiterun.  She supposed that wasn’t reckless or stubborn, but she probably should have taken her up on it.  She meant to hire Belrand, the spellsword from Solitude, but he had been contracted for a month-long job in the Pale.  When she asked where she might find someone discreet, Sorex Vinuis sent her to Morthal to find Benor, a scrappy young Nord who occasionally took odd jobs.  She met him at Moorside Inn where they brawled and had a drink.  He appeared tough, but had no defensive or offensive magic ability and so she politely declined his offer to accompany her.  Continue reading