Spectacular Fan Art (Elspeth Coffee Shop!AU)

One of the most popular alternate universe tropes in fan fiction is the coffee shop AU, the one where we imagine our intrepid heroes enjoying a life where their only quest fetch involves coffee and a scone. As an homage to these stories, I bring you, Elspeth the Barista, drawn by the always amazing, Memai.

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Spectacular Fan Art XXXV: Lora (Patreon/Commission/Gift)

This might be my favorite* image Memai‘s done for me and it’s not even my character.  Allow me to introduce Lorasephona Jorius, who belongs to SoulStealer1987 over on Tumblr and whose story you can read at AO3. Check out Lora’s journal as well as her hilarious If Skyrim Had Chatrooms and her interpretation of the Dragonborn story, Ziist Grozein, which has an amnesiac Gallus as the Dragonborn. Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XXIX: The Sigewealds 2.0

SpiceMonster. Strikes. Again. Back in September she updated her iconic (it’s iconic to ME, dang it) image of Elspeth and Maeve Sigeweald. And it is adorable! I feel terrible that she had to alert me to it because I lost my DeviantArt password and have not visited the site in ages! Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XIX: V’ivan and Prisca (Commission)

I know I’ve been posting a lot of art lately, but it all just sort of descended at once.  Anyway, allow me to introduce V’ivan and Prisca Isabela Cantor, the protagonists of Under the Purple Sky, the Dawnguard story I have been working on but have yet to post. I’ve been thinking about this art for a long time now and commissioned Memai (who did Elspeth and Onmund last year).  I can’t even begin to talk about how excited I am about this. The details onV’iv’s armor and Prisca’s outfit, V’iv’s hair…all of these are incredible. But my favorite part is the look of slight trepidation and awe on Prisca’s face as she looks up and back andV’iv. I didn’t include that in the description, Memai is just that good.  Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XVIII: Xeri Tharys (Request)

Rave-Gray over at deviantArt was taking requests to draw original characters to celebrate her birthday so I took her up and since I’m sure everyone is sick and tired of looking at Elspeth, I asked her to draw Xeri Tharys, the warrior, granddaughter of Balam, the revered wise woman of Narsis.  The womer most of you know as Elspeth’s crazybitchmentor.  I am so very pleased with this.  She looks menacing, but also sort of weary.  Although I am certain she would fervently deny that, I think it suits her character.

Check out Raven-Gray’s dA page.  She’s got some incredible work there, especially that of her own original character, Kethavel, who has an incredibly rich and imaginative back story.

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