Spectacular Fan Art XXIX: Elspeth Sigeweald (Gift)

Once again, IrisSeptim has surprised me with a lovely gift, a portrait of Elspeth (with the Sigeweald family amulet) that is a repaint of an earlier image.  There are still no words to express the excitement and sheer joy I feel when I get something like this.  Continue reading “Spectacular Fan Art XXIX: Elspeth Sigeweald (Gift)”


Book Two, Chapter Twenty-Six: Everybody’s Waiting for a Fall

This chapter picks up from here.

Trygve was only too happy to be back in the Rift. One night in Ivarstead with Gwilin, a chipper and garrulous Bosmer with whom Trygve maintained occasional intimate contact, changed his calmly stoic (some would say smug) demeanor into outright, albeit subdued, delight. Also, the tables were turning on the events that happened in the Pale and Elspeth could no longer hold the disintegration of her relationship against him. Continue reading “Book Two, Chapter Twenty-Six: Everybody’s Waiting for a Fall”