Spectacular Fan Art: Art Dump (Memai)

I need to stop pretending that I can organize these using roman numerals and creating a detailed profile for each of Memai’s Patreon commissions, so I’ve prepared a page for the back log of art with a brief description of each. Enjoy!

WARNING: If you are very new to this story, the descriptions below have some spoilers. Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XL: Balam Tharys (commission)

Tristan Varros had heard tales of the Dunmer wise women. They lived among the Ashlander clans, well into the reaches of Morrowind’s wilderness, far away from the larger cities and the Imperial strongholds. When he heard that House Hlaluu had their own wise woman who lived among the members of the Great House, he was not certain what to expect. As a member of the Imperial cult, they would be working closely, and he was inclined to wonder. His assumption was, however, that she would stand out among the Hlaluu nobles and the high ranking Imperial diplomats and officers he would be associating with. Continue reading

Call Me N’Wah, Chapter Five: 6 Sun’s Dawn, 3E 427

6 Sun’s Dawn, 3E 427

My name is Hasphat Antabolis and having recovered this journal, I am maintaining a record on the unlikely and unfortunate occasion that it may need to be passed on to someone other than its owner, the Redguard Zylla, a new Apprentice in the Balmora Fighter’s Guild.

Zylla, should you see this, I have not read anything written prior to this entry.

Two days ago, Zylla, while on an assignment given by Eydis Fire-Eye, the guild’s Guardian and Master-at-Arms, contracted bone break fever. Her trainer, Fasile Charascel, and I both had misgivings concerning this quest, as Zylla had not yet shown proficiency with a weapon. But Eydis, feeling that this was an assignment that “any toddler could handle” sent her anyway.

She was sent to eliminate a rat infestation in the home of Drarayne Thelas. There were far more rats in the house than originally reported. While Zylla was able to kill them all, I believe her lack of skill may slowed her considerably, leading to several bites and contraction of the illness.

The disease normally presents with sore muscles and exhaustion and clears within a day with proper treatment. However, Zylla’s recovery is considerably slower and her symptoms far more profound, including a fever and severe bruising around the injuries. The restoration mage Tyermaillin has taken a personal interest in her recovery and is working with Sharn gra-Muzgob from the Mages Guild. They are using a concoction of chokeweed and willow anther. If her symptoms do not improve, I have offered to procure the rarer and more potent red lichen from Vivec City. I hope this will not be necessary.

More information will be provided, should the situation change.

Thank you,
Hasphat Antabolis, Imperial drillmaster, Fighter’s Guild Apprentice

Call Me N’Wah Chapter Three: 2 Sun’s Dawn, 3E 427 (evening)

2 Sun’s Dawn, 3E 427 (evening)
Balmora, Vvardenfell, Morrowind

Well, I finally made it to Balmora. The silt strider trip was mostly unremarkable. Inside the  shell was not nearly as bad I thought it was going to be. It was clean with only a musty smell. The whole trip took about three hours. The difference between the two towns is rather stark. Seyda Neen had vegetation which, though kind of swampy, was lush and green.  Balmora so far just seems dusty with sparse, bare trees. 

Perhaps it will look better in the morning and well, I suppose I am not really here for sightseeing. I found Caius Cosades easily enough. The mage who took the flight scrolls off my hands directed me there and then I only had to ask one more time, which is kind of a record for me. Around town he’s known as quite the “sugar tooth” and I’m not sure what to make of that. He seems reasonably competent, however, so I’ll ignore it for now. Per the conditions of my release, I am to be a member of his group of [REDACTED]. As it turns out, however, Caius has nothing for me to do at the moment.  But he did say I could sleep here tonight. After a quick dinner, I will probably do just that.

Tomorrow I’m to meet the various associates in the group and then I need to secure employment of some sort. Caius says the guilds are the best places to get work. Unfortunately, there is no merchant’ guild, only the fighters and mages guild and I’m not sure how useful I will be to either as I am neither a warrior or a mage.

We shall see,

Call Me N’Wah Chapter Two: 2 Sun’s Dawn, 3E 427

2 Sun’s Dawn, 3E 427
Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell, Morrowind

Well, no one ever described Morrowind as boring before I arrived and that has proven true. I’m not sure if it was the mage FALLING OUT OF THE SKY or the fact that the main form of land transport are giant, hollowed out and mechanized INSECTS, but in the space of just ten minutes I got to experience both. I woke early and decided to take a walk. I walked past a tall platform, which I thought was type of guard tower. Then I heard a terrible scream. I arrived just in time to see a Bosmer in an expensive robe fall to his death.

According to his journal, he had apparently created a scroll to give him the power of flight. Clearly it did not. On my way back to get a guard to attend to the body, I watched as a massive insect, its body the length of two standard horse carriages with legs almost as long and high as an oak tree, make its way down the road, stepping over boulders. I nearly screamed when I thought it would attack, but it simply strode over the empty dock, where several passengers emerged.

They are called silt striders and I will be taking one to Balmora, just as soon as these guards are done processing this poor Bosmer’s body. The only reason I am waiting is because they requested that I take the remaining “flying” scrolls to the mage’s guild and hand them over to Ranis Athrys, their guild mistress. I would have liked to keep the wizard’s enchanted blade but it’s not wise to loot a body after you’ve turned it over to the authorities.

I guess I’ll have to be sneakier next time.