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Spectacular Fan Art XXXII: Nerussa (Patreon/Commission)

As anxious as she was to leave the sewer, Maeve was quite aware of how she looked. Dressed in the ill-fitting, mismatched armor she managed to scavenge throughout the dungeon, mud and dust covered her exposed skin, there was no way she could simply exit the sewers and make her way to Imperial city without drawing attention to herself. Not only that, she was now technically a fugitive. She believed Baurus when he said he would see that her name was cleared. But he and the other Blades were so badly injured, even if they survived the dungeon, it would be some time before they got word to the authorities. Continue reading


Spectacular Fan Art XXIX: The Sigewealds 2.0

SpiceMonster. Strikes. Again. Back in September she updated her iconic (it’s iconic to ME, dang it) image of Elspeth and Maeve Sigeweald. And it is adorable! I feel terrible that she had to alert me to it because I lost my DeviantArt password and have not visited the site in ages! Continue reading

Book Two, Analepsis A

This chapter is dedicated to Spice Monster, whose drawings of Maeve Sigeweald were the first fan art images I ever received.


Cloud Ruler Temple—Third Era, Last Day

“It doesn’t fit.  And it’s too heavy.” Maeve complained, wrenching her body around while Achille helped adjust the straps on her cuirass.

“It fits perfectly; it’s just not broken in” he replied as he grabbed the steel plates that covered the armor’s shoulders and yanked her upright, forcing her to stand up straight while she grunted and glared at him.  “It’s just for the ceremony.”  He stepped back and looked her over.  “Well,” he said approvingly.  “You look…just like the rest of us.”  Continue reading