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Greetings and Salutations XXXI: Happy Mother’s Day

From my kiddo! He spelled “fan fiction” wrong though…32235425_10102042827803527_5755846597204246528_o (1).jpg


Greetings and Salutations XXX: Playlist(s)

The first official chapter-title playlist for The Rise of House Sigeweald Book I is now available on Spotify, not to be confused with official soundtrack(s) (ha ha!) or character/relationship playlist you might encounter.


Soundtrack: Trygve Wartooth

Apparently, there WAS a reason I couldn’t update over the weekend. Turns out that an impromptu trip to the gym to swim laps will knock you out early if you didn’t plan for it. Anyway, as I edit and work, I’ve been rewatching Riverdale, which is a show that should have been a terrible failure but somehow works. The use of music is particularly apt and one episode ends on a song that rightfully belongs now to Trygve. Video and link to the lyrics after the break. Continue reading

Happy New Year!!!

Greetings friends! I hope everyone had a nice holiday, and that the start of 2016 brings good things.  A lot of people are glad to see the old year go, something I completely understand. 2015 was a pretty good year for me, however. The highlight being that I got a new job that, so far, I love and seems to be a perfect fit for both my professional skills and my personality–a rare combination.

[Minor Spoiler Alert: The post makes a vague reference to something that happens in Chapter 23, but doesn’t give details] Continue reading