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Spectacular Fan Art XXXVI: In Articulo Mortis (Patreon/Commission/Gift)

This month’s Patreon comes with a current work-in-progress for the upcoming chapter (though likely part 2 of said chapter). The text here is very rough and rather short, but it seems appropriate. As always, I want to thank the amazing Memai for doing this beloved character such justice. Continue reading


Spectacular Fan Art XXXIV: Runa (Patreon/Commission)

One Nord.

Xeri was incredulous that they were going through all this trouble for a single Nord. It’s not that she had anything against Nords, but the Thalmor had lots of prisoners and Xeri couldn’t help but wonder what was so special about this one who was neither a Blade nor a university mage. She was a priest of Talos, one of the many gathered from Imperial City and one of the few who refused to renounce their devotion to the now banned Divine. Most had chosen to save their own skins, knowing that their work would simply go on in secret. But not this one. And the fact that she’d so readily refused to save her own life made Xeri suspicious. Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XXXIII: Elspeth’s Crystal Ball (Gift)

Once again, we have more beautiful art. At this point, I feel I must crown IrisSeptim the official Portrait Artist of House Sigeweald. Thank you so much!!!  I believe this one shall hang in the entry way of her grand estate (you know, if she ever gets to move out of Breezehome).  Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XXXII: Nerussa (Patreon/Commission)

As anxious as she was to leave the sewer, Maeve was quite aware of how she looked. Dressed in the ill-fitting, mismatched armor she managed to scavenge throughout the dungeon, mud and dust covered her exposed skin, there was no way she could simply exit the sewers and make her way to Imperial city without drawing attention to herself. Not only that, she was now technically a fugitive. She believed Baurus when he said he would see that her name was cleared. But he and the other Blades were so badly injured, even if they survived the dungeon, it would be some time before they got word to the authorities. Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XXXI: Bedyn Sigeweald (Commission)

Bedyn Sigeweald, by the always-amazing Nastia. I could write a whole book on just this man alone. But suffice to say, Elspeth’s father has been through a lot. I gave Nastia some references and she managed to capture just how aged and exhausted he is.   Continue reading