Book Two, Chapter Twenty-Six: Everybody’s Waiting for a Fall

This chapter picks up from here.

Trygve was only too happy to be back in the Rift. One night in Ivarstead with Gwilin, a chipper and garrulous Bosmer with whom Trygve maintained occasional intimate contact, changed his calmly stoic (some would say smug) demeanor into outright, albeit subdued, delight. Also, the tables were turning on the events that happened in the Pale and Elspeth could no longer hold the disintegration of her relationship against him. Continue reading “Book Two, Chapter Twenty-Six: Everybody’s Waiting for a Fall”


Childhood. I. Memories of an Affectionate Sort

[Ed: Someone on Tumblr asked for a happy memory from Elspeth’s childhood. Since I am struggling with the new chapter (like A LOT), I’ve decided to share it. This will actually become relevant later.]

Xeri arrived home first, which was surprised Runa though it probably shouldn’t have, especially after last night’s discussion.

“Where’s Elspeth?” she asked, looking up from the linens she was folding.

“Is that venison stew?” Xeri ignored the question and made a beeline to the stove. As soon as she saw this, Runa practically jumped, letting the napkins and pillow covers in her lap tumble to the floor as she went to guard the stove. She was not going to let the Dunmer eat half the stew out of the pot while it was still cooking. Not again.  Continue reading “Childhood. I. Memories of an Affectionate Sort”

Spectacular Fan Art XXV

This art was made by a friend of mine. The context for the first is basically a Skyrim in which Elspeth is not the Dragonborn and is close friend with her original character, Halldis. Among the adventures they share is a stint in the Dawnguard before joining the anti-Thalmor resistance back at Frostrcrag Spire. The second is a picture of them as childhood friends. It just makes me ridiculously happy.  Continue reading “Spectacular Fan Art XXV”