Reasons I’m not updating…

Or keeping up with writing challenges. Those challenges were fun, I must say, and the short bursts of writing were making it easier to get into a writing mood. The problem is that, instead of anything I should be working on right now,  I am feeling inspired to write the following: Continue reading “Reasons I’m not updating…”


Greetings and Salutations XII: Many Worlds Skyrim

Well, TES lore is a big wibbly-wobbly lorey-worey thing. ~Memai

A/N: This post contains spoilers for readers not caught up through the story.

I finished my next chapter and will probably post it some time tomorrow.  To the disappointment of several of you, it will not be a Trygve-centered post (although I can assure that plenty more Trygve information is forthcoming).  Rather, it’s a lore-based chapter, one of my many attempts to bend the Elder Scrolls universe to do my bidding.  Continue reading “Greetings and Salutations XII: Many Worlds Skyrim”