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Your Hands Only: Disaster Mail #6


For anyone not caught up through the second book, this week’s edition of Your Hands Only has major spoilers. Continue reading


Your Hands Only, Disaster Mail: #4

Your Hands Only is a new weekly(ish) feature in which our author, by way of correspondence, will share authorial insights into her creative process as she attempts to finish this epic disaster. She will attempt to keep spoilers to a minimum but there will be some so proceed with caution. Readers are welcome to submit questions and letters to elspethaurilie@gmail.com. Queries may also be left in the comments. Continue reading

Reasons I’m not updating…

Or keeping up with writing challenges. Those challenges were fun, I must say, and the short bursts of writing were making it easier to get into a writing mood. The problem is that, instead of anything I should be working on right now,  I am feeling inspired to write the following: Continue reading

Greetings and Salutations XVII

The new chapter is done, I just need to edit it and rewrite a short passage.  Depending on my work schedule, it will go up late tonight or early tomorrow.  But thanks for your patience.  I’ll also be catching up on the stories I’ve fallen behind reading and I’m really looking forward to that. Continue reading

Greetings and Salutations XII: Many Worlds Skyrim

Well, TES lore is a big wibbly-wobbly lorey-worey thing. ~Memai

A/N: This post contains spoilers for readers not caught up through the story.

I finished my next chapter and will probably post it some time tomorrow.  To the disappointment of several of you, it will not be a Trygve-centered post (although I can assure that plenty more Trygve information is forthcoming).  Rather, it’s a lore-based chapter, one of my many attempts to bend the Elder Scrolls universe to do my bidding.  Continue reading