Spectacular Fan Art (Elspeth Coffee Shop!AU)

One of the most popular alternate universe tropes in fan fiction is the coffee shop AU, the one where we imagine our intrepid heroes enjoying a life where their only quest fetch involves coffee and a scone. As an homage to these stories, I bring you, Elspeth the Barista, drawn by the always amazing, Memai.

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Book Two, Chapter Thirty: You Learn to Give and Give Again

It has been nearly two months and I’ve still not heard from either Trygve or Onmund. Trygve has not responded to my correspondence and Onmund has not sent any. Lydia feels that I should be the one to initiate contact with Onmund, as I am the one whose actions have compromised the integrity of our relationship. Continue reading

30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 5

“As military governor, I have full authority to conscript any able-bodied citizen I see fit to serve and if Elspeth refuses, I have the right to compel her to serve or throw her in jail if she refuses.”

No you don’t!” Balgruuf was most displeased at this. Continue reading

In the Meantime I: Something Unexpected this Way Comes

[A/N: The following contains mild descriptions of romantic sexuality that may not be suitable for individuals under the age of fifteen…or anyone really.]

Elspeth gasped.  “What is this place?”  She looked around, eyes wide with an almost child-like wonder. 

“They are the hot springs of Eastmarch,” he explained, “and quite possibly the only desirable thing about this hold.” Continue reading

Book Two, Chapter Ten: Ghosts Appear and Fade Away

“It’s Thane’s armor,” Balgruuf explained, gesturing toward the mannequin in the war room, on which Elspeth’s new armor hung.  “I had Eorland forge it.  It’s leather with Skyforge steel pauldrons and chainmail accents.  So it’s strong, but light and flexible—which is good for you battle mage types, I hear.  And the trim on the breastplate is gold, for Whiterun.”

Elspeth just stood there and stared.  It wasn’t quite as elegant as the Elven armor that she’d worn in Cyrodiil—the armor that the Imperials took from her—but it was incredible all the same.  Continue reading