Spectacular Fan Art XLI: Ivy (commission/Patreon)

“Ezra? Ezra are you home?” Ivy’s voice cracked.

“Yeah, I’m here. Are you okay? Alex said you were sick.” Ezra was surprised to see Ivy’s name pop up on his phone—even more so when he heard her voice.

“It’s awful,” she replied.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Is there anything I can do?” Continue reading

Spectacular Fan Art XXXVIII: Ezra (Patreon/Commission)

Disclaimer: It’s stupid. I’m sorry. But I only have so much written on this, an original, non-Elder-Scrolls character and the stuff that’s actually good doesn’t make much sense without any context. So, allow me to introduce you to Felix, who I may be sharing more of later. Many thanks, of course, to Memai for helping bring him to life. Continue reading

So this happened tonight

Mr. Elspeth and I are watching Elder Scrolls videos on Youtube and one for Morrowind came up.

Mr. Elspeth: “When I first bought this game I stayed up until 5 in the morning playing.”
Me: “I actually remember that. I remember thinking what kind of game could possibly keep someone up all night long.”


It was a more innocent time then, for some of us….

2016 Can Eat Chaurus Shit and Die


I grew up in the 80s. David Bowie, Prince, George Michael were the foundations on which much of my musical tastes and sensibilities were built. Even when I became too cool for top 40 and whatever it was MTV was morphing into, Bowie was still weird enough to appeal, Prince’s genius remained unparalleled, and George Michael’s unabashed embrace and expression of his sexuality was inspired. I mourned their deaths, spending the day(s) that followed, listening to my favorite songs and celebrating their artistic and social contributions with others on social media. Continue reading