Spectacular Fan Art: Art Dump (Memai)

I need to stop pretending that I can organize these using roman numerals and creating a detailed profile for each of Memai’s Patreon commissions, so I’ve prepared a page for the back log of art with a brief description of each. Enjoy!

WARNING: If you are very new to this story, the descriptions below have some spoilers.

Tristan Varros


Tristan’s name has been mentioned before, but only a few details given. As the youngest son in a large, prominent Imperial family, the curious Tristan had a more freedom to pursue adventures on his own terms. A natural scholar, he joined the Imperial Cult and took on a mission to Morrowind, where he met the mysterious and striking wise woman, Balam Tharys, with whom he fell madly in love.

Their affair was not without consequences, however. Among the Morrowind elite, Tristan was tolerated, more or less. But for the Imperials, it was much more scandalous and as a result he was dismissed from the Cult and disowned by his family. But Tristan was so smitten, he cared very little. They had one daughter together, Loliah (mother to Xeri) and led a nice, mostly quiet, life among the Hlaluu Nobles.

Tristan is an ancestor to more contemporary characters such as Maxim, Ione, and…

Alexis Varros


Alexis is Maxim’s cousin, the daughter of Ione’s older brother, Marcus, a highly respected military officer turned legislator in Skingraad. As a child, she was feisty, with dreams of being a knight. As she grew older, she turned those dreams into raw ambition (much to the chagrin of her father) and she worked her way into the ranks of the Countess of Skingrad’s guard, which she hopes to command one day. She will figure heavily into Yarah and Bedyn’s story. You know, when I get around to writing it.

Sabrina Dae Cantor


Sabrina is a character from my Dawnguard Story, sister to Prisca. Sabrina is very ambitious, hardworking, and focused. She’s also extremely guarded around people she doesn’t know. And because of her social status, this often comes off as snobbery but it’s mostly that she’s an introvert. She attended the Bard’s College, where she graduated with honors. She’s also a Thane of Whiterun and performs regularly at The Blue Palace. Currently, she lives in Solitude with her housecarl Jordis the Sword Maiden, to whom she is betrothed.

Elspeth Aurilie Sigeweald


Although I do not make promises about the fate of ANY of my characters, I do like to imagine them older and outside the boundaries of the current story. Here is Elspeth, sometime after the story or, perhaps, in a life that was not borne of prophesy or fate, one in which the Dragonborn remained a mere Nord legend. But which, of course, was still brimming with action and adventure (as the scar would indicate).

BONUS NON-SKYRIM CHARACTER: Shula Lavellan (Inquisitor, Dragon Age)


Yes, there is a Shula in Elspeth’s story, but this is not her. Instead, this is my elven mage Inquisitor from Dragon Age, a character I’ve written about but whose story will never grace the internet, unless I happen to win a massive lottery that will enable me to do nothing but write fan fiction all day, every day. Still, she’s a beloved character of mine. And yes, she did fall stupidly in love with that egghead Solas.

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