So this happened tonight

Mr. Elspeth and I are watching Elder Scrolls videos on Youtube and one for Morrowind came up.

Mr. Elspeth: “When I first bought this game I stayed up until 5 in the morning playing.”
Me: “I actually remember that. I remember thinking what kind of game could possibly keep someone up all night long.”


It was a more innocent time then, for some of us….


2 thoughts on “So this happened tonight

    • I’d still do that if I could. I remember the day after I finished my graduate school qualifying exams and I went out and bought a refurbished xbox and a copy of Morrowind. And I played this game, that I had already beaten at least 3 times to that point (at my boyfriend’s house) and played it for 14 hours. I couldn’t sleep that night because it felt like the bed was moving, like I’d been sailing all day.

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