Spectacular Fan Art XXIX: The Cantor Sisters (Commission)

I still have, in my  never-ending collection of drafts, a Dawnguard-based story. I plan on posting it some day, but in the meantime, all I have been able to accomplish is paying people to draw some of the characters for me. This is Sabrina Dae Cantor and Prisca Isabela Cantor by conspiracylil over on Tumblr. I’ve had art made of Prisca before, as she is the story’s main protagonist, but the more I think about the story, the more I’ve developed Sabrina’s character as well. Initially, she was only supposed to make a brief appearance at the beginning, but she’s slowly become more prominent. 

Prisca and Sabrina

For some background information, I’ll reproduce some of the details I gave the artist (who did a fantastic job, particularly with Sabrina).

Prisca is a free-spirit, very creative but lacks ambition. She rejects the formal expectations of her upper class lifestyle though she still enjoys its material comforts (so she will dress casually but still buy clothes of quality, she will run around outside harvesting ingredients, but she owns a high quality alchemy equipment that her father bought for her). She’s a bit spoiled but she’s also very generous and friendly to people and though she is naive about how people with fewer advantages live in the world, she doesn’t consciously look down on them.

Sabrina is very ambitious, hardworking, and focused. She’s also extremely guarded around people she doesn’t know. And because of her social status, this often comes off as snobbery but it’s mostly that she’s an introvert. Sabrina, like her sister, also does not look down on people from different social classes but she’s far more attuned to social expectations and would not expect to socialize with people of a different station (interestingly enough she winds up falling in love with and marrying her housecarl, but that’s a different story).  She’s a graduate of the Bard’s College, where she graduated with honors. She’s also a Thane of Whiterun and performs regularly at The Blue Palace.

When they were younger, they were fairly close. But as they grew older, Prisca was uninterested in her sister’s artistic and musical aspirations and Sabrina resented the way her father spoiled Prisca and excused her sister’s lack of academic ambitions. Sabrina felt like she was expected to carry the full weight of their family’s reputation by both advancing herself professionally and eventually marrying into an upperclass family while Prisca was allowed to laze around the family estate and not commit to anything.


6 thoughts on “Spectacular Fan Art XXIX: The Cantor Sisters (Commission)

  1. kaushikananthan

    Looks like a nice trailer for your story. Personally, I think the Dawnguard questline is one of the richest in Skyrim folklore. Can’t wait to read your story!! 😁😀😄

    1. Elspeth Aurilie Post author

      Thank you! That one won’t be posted for a while, at least not until I get a few more chapters of the main story posted. But I am excited about it. Rather than follow the Dawnguard plot straight through, it’s more of a very loose exploration of what life in Fort Dawnguard is like, with a few original character among all those NPCs.

  2. Pyrelle

    All I remember from Dawnguard is the constant fetch quests and go here and explore a never ending dungeon lol.

    The characters look awesome and the background you gave them is great =)

    1. Elspeth Aurilie Post author

      Dawnguard actually had some of the more interesting, in my opinion, radiant quests because occasionally you had to try to convince someone to follow you or find a way to stealthily kill someone in broad daylight. I also liked the rescue quests. But then you’d get a slew of vampire nest quests, which were just basically dungeon diving.

  3. Blythe

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