Dollmakers, time wasting shenanigans

This post is for Wendy. No one else can look at this post with pictures of millions of my stupid original Skyrim/Elder Scrolls characters. Okay, well you can look. 

So, it looks like Wendy and I are addicted to the same dollmaker. I also like doll divine and Azalea’s doll.

Trygve and Elspeth:

(Younger) Bedyn and Yarah

Evangeline and Xeri (both younger)

Prisca Cantor, Sabrina Dae Cantor, and Vi’van

Maxim Varros and Ivy (this character is still in development)

When doll creators only have a female option, I make fem!dolls using Trygve’s features (like hair and eye color) as in these 1940s fashion images:

GoT, Disney, and Fantasy Elspeth and Trygve:

Some sort of fantasy steampunkish alchemy neon nonsense, Elspeth and Trygve, and Elspeth

Some Jedi Elspeth’s:


I have even more, but I think this is a fair introduction to the time-wasting fun I like to have….


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