Reasons I’m not updating…

Or keeping up with writing challenges. Those challenges were fun, I must say, and the short bursts of writing were making it easier to get into a writing mood. The problem is that, instead of anything I should be working on right now,  I am feeling inspired to write the following:

(1) “Meet me in Chorrol,” which is the story of Ione Varros’s escape from the Thalmor at the end of the Great War, which brings her into contact with several familiar faces.

(2) “Songs of the Sparrows I: Stalhrim is Forever,” which is my first spy story, bringing Mannbjorn Raven-Storm to Solstheim to gather intelligence on a group of Thalmor believed to be scouring the island for weaponry and ore.

(3) “Larelleis” Of Helgen, Ralof of Riverwood once said, “I used to be sweet on a girl from here, I wonder if Vilod is still making mead with juniper berries mixed in….” We can go back to the remains of Helgen and recover several bottles of Vilod’s juniper berry mead but what about that girl? This story imagines what happened to the young woman Ralof was once smitten with.

Does anyone have any tips on staying focused? It should take me no longer than a single afternoon to finish editing my last chapter and yet, I’m all over the place in my imagination.  At least I’m staying in Tamriel; that has to count for something.


16 thoughts on “Reasons I’m not updating…

  1. writercookie

    I know I sometimes struggle to focus on one writing project without getting distracted by new and exciting ideas. My advice: if you’re really struggling with what you should be doing, take a step back from it and do something else for a while. But don’t forget about it. You should ALWAYS come back. Even if you don’t want to, you should finish it. I know if I can’t focus it doesn’t help to push it, but I do come back to it after giving some attention to one of the ‘exciting’ ideas swimming in my imagination. I hope that helps.

    1. Elspeth Aurilie Post author

      Everything helps. Just talking about the process is helpful. And yeah, It’s the coming back that’s always the most difficult, especially when I only have a short way to go.

  2. Pyrelle

    I watched something on Youtube that might help. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Artists. If you wanna watch it I added the link.

    But for if not they are pretty simple and you probably know them.
    For reference:
    1) Daily work
    2) Volume, not perfection
    3) Steal (well)
    4) Conscious learning
    5) Rest
    6) Feedback
    7) Create what you love

    Not sure if this helps but it might.

      1. mrreaperofdead

        I’m kinda the opposite, I have absolutely no idea where to start just to make a book, what would it cost to copywrite like 3,000 words in a book? Do you know anything about this?

      2. Elspeth Aurilie Post author

        I’m not sure what it is you’re asking. Do you mean copyright? Do you have a manuscript already prepared and are looking for the next step to publish?

      1. mrreaperofdead

        Pff! Leave dat xbox stuff for the kids! XD
        If you’ve got the pc, you need to do this:
        custom build a gaming pc ( i could help tell you which parts you’ll need)
        make sure you get a 1060 graphics card, Nvida is pretty cool-and only cost me like, $200 or so bucks! X3 And now I can use Snowfall Weathers enb, which looks AMAZING!

        Everything you could ever want is at the hands of the computer! XD

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