30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 6

I’m going to fall a bit behind on these challenges over the weekend since I will be switching the focus to posting the rest of chapter 25. But, in the meantime, here’s another moment in the life of modern-day Trygve and Elspeth.

One…two…three…four….wow, just four? Oh wait, five…six….seven….eight.

Trygve could always tell when Elspeth had taken a mental health break—a day-long respite from work or school to stave off the anxiety or depression that might otherwise incapacitate her for weeks. More so than a day of rest, however, it was a day of ritual designed to reorient her mental state and elevate her mood.

It began with breakfast at the counter, yogurt or oatmeal, and some fruit. Then she moved to the card table, where she worked on a puzzle for an hour or two. After that, she stopped by the desktop computer that he kept in the corner for guests to use. To avoid mindless internet reading, she kept her laptop away on these days, but she would still want to check her email. Following that was a bath and clean pajamas. Lunch followed this. And then weather permitting, the porch was next for people watching and light reading. The day ended on the couch, curled up with blanket for some combination of binge-television-watching and napping.

Trygve found her there, as he did most nights. But it was the trail of used tea bags filling the apartment with the smell of spices that tipped him off to the kind of day she’d had.

“Hey there.” He spoke quietly as he gently shook her away. “I’m going to make some dinner. Would you like some?”

“hmm-mmm,” she nodded and smiled. “Thank you.”


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