30 Day Writing Challenge Day 4

This prompt got a little long. And a little modern. And I appropriated other people’s characters. oops.

“Maxim Varros! Why you don’t look a day over 26! Happy name-day!” Rognar grinned and tipped his glass toward his friend.

“Thanks Rognar! So glad you could make it,” he replied. They pulled in for a hug—the sort that combined a casual embrace and a clap on the back, affectionate but still manly.

Maxim signaled the bartender and ordered a La Fin Du Monde and some wings. After taking a drink, he turned back to Rognar. “Are we settling in here for the night then?”

“Might as well. Halldis and Elspeth will be by later, I’m sure. Zander, of course. Maybe Trygve too.”

“Oh won’t that be fun.” He snickered a little. Trygve didn’t like him much. They had wildly differing views on all the things Trygve seemed to care about most, food and movies, with Maxim always adopting the opposite opinion of Trygve, even lying just to antagonize the poor man.

“And ah, Ivy’s here.” Rognar gestured to the table in the back corner where, in fact, Maxim’s casual on-again, off-again girlfriend was sitting with a couple of friends. As they were currently off-again, Rognar was surprised to see her and even more surprised to see a small box wrapped in silver paper in front of her. “Looks like she got you something nice. A watch, I bet. Something expensive.”

“A watch? Are you kidding” Maxim grimaced as Rognar shrugged and chuckled. “I got her a zombie gnome for the garden.” He glanced back and smiled when she stood up and walked over.

“Happy name-day!” she said, giving his arm a squeeze. “Here, this is for you.”

“Thank you,” he said as he turned the box over in his hands. He was feeling apprehensive. If she got him an expensive watch, that was going to be awkward.

“Open it!” That was Rognar, who was clearly more excited than Maxim was.

“Okay, okay.” He unwrapped the box and smiled. It wasn’t a watch anything wildly inappropriate for a couple in the throes of the off-again stage of their relationship. “Fuzzy socks!



5 thoughts on “30 Day Writing Challenge Day 4

    1. Elspeth Aurilie Post author

      I have a modern version of Skyrim/Tamriel running in my head at all times so my characters are easily adapted. I also had this idea of Fralia Grey Mane having some special yarn that made socks fuzzier than normal, but I had Maxim on the brain so the prompt went this way instead.


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