30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3

“Da! Daaaaa!!! Over here! The Dragonborn is over here.”

Elspeth groaned as she regained consciousness. Opening her eyes, she saw a small child, not much older than five or six, looking down at her. She tried to smile but all she could do was groan.

Within a few moments, a man joined them, tugging gently on the little girl’s shoulder. “Come now Teela, let’s not crowd the young woman,” he said as he knelt down. “Are you hurt badly? I’m not a healer, but I could find someone.”

“I’m okay,” Elspeth replied. “The dragon took a lot out of me. I chased him all the way from Riverwood.”

“Woah,” said Teela. “That’s an awful lot of running.”

“I’m Duncan,” the man said, holding his hand out. “And this is my daughter, Teela.”

“Please to meet you,” she said, grasping his hand in hers. However, his attempt to pull her gently to a seated position failed miserably, as pain radiated throughout her body and she passed out again.

[Author Note: Okay, this is totally dumb but it’s from a chapter that I am so very excited about. And it’s also one of my favorite Easter Eggs]


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