Spectacular Fan Art XXVIII: Maxim Varros (commission)

And once again, I have commissioned the fabulous Memai to bring life to yet another new character. Maxim Varros is an Imperial leather-worker, revelry-lover and all around wiseass. He will be introduced later and will figure prominently during the Miraak story. 

He was born to Ione Varros approximately nine months after the end of the Great War in a small hunting village nestled away in the Great Forest, just to the north and east of Chorrol. The village was populated by a group of Bosmer and Altmer Imperial citizens who often helped refugees and others fleeing the Thalmor. To help protect Ione, the midwife forged Maxim’s birth papers so that he spent most of his life believing he was about a year older than he really was. This ruse helped conceal Ione’s identity as a Blade and allowed her to eventually move back to her family’s vineyard, outside of Skingraad, where Maxim was raised by his mother and step-father, the Altmer botanist and alchemist, Erebos, along with his half-sisters, Nyx and Talaith. He knows very little of his birth father, which Ione regrets but has deemed necessary for safety reasons.

Maxim had a largely unremarkable childhood, attending Skingrad’s temple for his education with his sisters and working in the vineyard occasionally. However, the winery was successful enough that it employed a full time staff and Maxim and sisters were encouraged to pursue their own interests. For Maxim this was hunting and leather working. He spent his days hunting and learning his craft from a mentor, and his nights imbibing with his friends at the local tavern.

He led a charmed and largely carefree life. But of course, this will change….


3 thoughts on “Spectacular Fan Art XXVIII: Maxim Varros (commission)

  1. Pyrelle

    Hmmm, part of his back story seems familiar. Meh, probably just my imagination. Love it! Great art as usual and the back story makes me want to read his entery into the story more.


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