Summary of the Plot to this Point

So, the new chapter is fairly long (and the fight scene is still a little dodgy) so I’m going to post it in two parts. And since it’s been such a long time since I’ve updated the story, I’m going to post a summary of all the important parts up to this point. The summary is under the cut. It should go without saying that for anyone not caught up, it’s full of spoilers.

Book two of Elspeth’s Epic Skyrim Disaster follows the game’s main story. At the start of the story, Elspeth, Lydia, and Onmund are settling back into Whiterun and attempting to live a normal life. Trygve tries to fit into this life, while also awkwardly trying to keep Elspeth and Lydia on some sort of regimen.

They battle the dragon at the Watchtower and Elspeth’s dragonborn status is revealed. After Elspeth is made Thane, Lydia and Hrongar break up; the pressure of secrecy and duty prove to be too much.

Meanwhile, Trygve’s housecarl Iona accompanies Nerussa back to Bruma. Nerussa and Xeri travel to Frostcrag Village to see Elspeth’s mother, Evangeline. Xeri is astonished to find that the rumors of Evangeline’s resistance are true, and she has transformed the village into something resembling a military hold. Quaranir, from the Psijic Order is there, and Nerussa reveals that Elspeth is a descendant of Martin Septim. Quaranir, who had Martin Septim’s journal in his possession, having recovered it when the Order’s spies infiltrated the Aldmeri Dominion’s headquarters in Alinor, also confirms this.

Nerussa suggests that they initiate the Trials of St. Alessia, which will allow them to forge a likeness of the Amulet of Kings and confirm Elspeth’s birthright. This is also the secondary plot of the story and in chapters 7, 13, and 17; they forge an amulet and begin the trials. The first trial they complete is that of Kyne/Kynareth.

Elspeth & Co. proceed to High Hrothgar where she can learn about being Dragonborn. Lydia is mired in the depths of despair over her break up. When they meet Delphine, Trygve pretends to be the Dragonborn at first. Once the truth is revealed, Elspeth wishes to speak with her more about the Blades and her father but both Trygve and Lydia discourage this.

They return to Whiterun, where Elspeth is presented with new armor from Balgruuf and she seeks his counsel on the matter of approaching the other Jarls. Back home, Elspeth confides other fears to Onmund. He gives her his family’s amulet, now enchanted with the same enchantment found on amulets of Talos. Elspeth admonishes Onmund since he would have had to destroy an amulet of Talos to make it. They make up, but Onmund is insulted again later by Idolaf, prompting him to return to the College for a little while.

Elspeth & Co. move on to Solitude where Hadvar recognizes Elspeth who is compensated by the Empire for her near-execution. Trygve appears to be very tense in the city, despite being recognized and greeted warmly by just about everyone who lives there. Elspeth realizes that she may have killed Trygve’s brother back in Helgen and starts to feel uncomfortable and guilty around him.

Sometime during all this nonsense, back in Whiterun, Balgruuf has a naughty dream about Elspeth and realizes he’s got a bit of a crush on her.

Elspeth & Co. proceed to the College. Trygve once again assumes the Dragonborn title for Ancano’s sake—though eventually the mages at the college figure things out. The plot of the College of Winterhold commences from here, with the following important plot points:

  • Lydia, like most Elder Scrolls players, gets caught up in side quests, and takes J’zargo with her to Riften
  • Onmund accompanies Elspeth and Trygve on the College quest. Trygve realizes that while Onmund is a capable fighter, Elspeth is sloppy when he’s around
  • After Onmund refuses Trygve’s request to leave their company, Trygve poisons him, in part to get him out of the way, but also to deal a blow to his confidence
  • Trygve, not Elspeth, kills Ancano
  • Elspeth is made Arch-Mage in the hopes that having a Dragborn/Archmage will help the Nords view magic in a more positive light.

Despite some passionate make up sex, Elspeth and Onmund do not fully reconcile as she chooses to keep Trygve as a companion.

On her trip to Riften with J’zargo, Lydia confides that she’s having something of an existential crisis over her role as a housecarl and also that when she was younger, she resented Elspeth and her relationship with her aunt, Runa. J’zargo helps Lydia see that she’s not Elspeth’s emotional bodyguard and not responsible for her happiness. This newfound perspective leads Lydia to make some interesting choices. First, she gets wasted in the Bee and Barb, where she’s attacked by Sapphire (of the thieves guild) over Vipir. Then she sleeps with J’zargo. Later, she describes her feelings toward the Khajiit as fondness.

When the group is together again, they move on to Windhelm, where Ulfric expresses his displeasure at the notion of a Breton Dragonborn and Elspeth reunites with Ralof with whom she has some mediocre rebound-esq sex. She also discovers some Stormcloaks are familiar with her mother.

That’s the last chapter I posted. However, one final note of importance. In chapter 23 we learned that Elspeth’s father is still alive, discovered to be a prisoner by Nerien (Psijic Order) and Yarah (a member of the anti-Thalmor resistance who was also Elspeth’s friend at Arcane University, the one who helped her avoid the deadly purge).

Part one of the new chapter will be posted shortly….


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