Sneak Previews

I wrote this up for a friend and thought some of you might find it interesting or amusing. Though it goes without saying that this could change as I deem appropriate, here is a quick look at what’s coming up in this Epic Disaster:

Chapter 25: Xeri & Co. continue their quest, with lots of snark and tension and battles. Plus, my interpretation of Dunmer Great House Politics.
Chapter 26: Elspeth and her crew head to the Rift to deal with dragons; various housecarls try to get Elspeth drunk. Does it work? We shall see. Also, Trygve feels. Maybe.
Chapter 27: We pick up with the cliffhanger on which chapter 23 ended and clear up some of those issues.
Chapter 28: Elspeth returns to Whiterun to deal with the fallout from her actions in chapter 24. Will there be anger? despair? reconciliation? Who can say? Well, I can. But not yet.

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