Greetings and Salutations XXVI

Hello everyone! I hope the end of August is finding you well. I seem to have had a small influx of new readers, due in part, I believe, to the attention that Pyrelle’s blog got this past weekend. If you didn’t hear about that, check out his write up of the whole experience. For those of you who decide to stick around, take a moment and let me know what you like so far.  There is nothing in this world quite as motivating as comments and I can always use a little extra motivation.

I’m just about finished the next chapter. A good portion of this chapter has been written for over two years but it desperately needs work as Elspeth is barely recognizable.  It’s amazing to me how far she’s come and really, I owe it all to you guys.  I likely won’t post anything until next weekend because I start a new teaching job this week, which I am quite excited about. It’s just one class, but it’s writing and literature, two of my favorite things.  The wee dragonborn also starts school full-time next week–so with some discipline, I should be able to maintain a steady writing schedule.  Keep your fingers crossed.  And, leave comments!


6 thoughts on “Greetings and Salutations XXVI

  1. axarexes

    Congrats on the job! Cant wait for the next chapter especially after that cliffhanger, like wow wasn’t expecting that. My writing has been slowed down extremely by by things like football, school, work etc.

  2. R Will

    Decided to comment, as for my opinion, well i spent a good 3 or four hours straight blasting through the whole story and didn’t even notice it was time for me to have dinner, the story is an incredibly interesting take on skyrim’s relatively bare-bones story,the characters are interesting and sometimes funny and when it was over i was annoyed there wasnt more .in short yes i enjoyed it alot. though i still have no idea how i got here!


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