Spectacular Fan Art XIX: V’ivan and Prisca (Commission)

I know I’ve been posting a lot of art lately, but it all just sort of descended at once.  Anyway, allow me to introduce V’ivan and Prisca Isabela Cantor, the protagonists of Under the Purple Sky, the Dawnguard story I have been working on but have yet to post. I’ve been thinking about this art for a long time now and commissioned Memai (who did Elspeth and Onmund last year).  I can’t even begin to talk about how excited I am about this. The details onV’iv’s armor and Prisca’s outfit, V’iv’s hair…all of these are incredible. But my favorite part is the look of slight trepidation and awe on Prisca’s face as she looks up and back andV’iv. I didn’t include that in the description, Memai is just that good. elspeth_comm_marked



















A few words about these two. V’ivan was one of the first members of the Dawnguard to be recruited by Durak and she is the person to whom new recruits are often assigned. As a mentor she is kind of a hardass, a tough-as-nails, no nonsense type. Socially, she’s more down-to-earth, passionate, and protective of her friends and colleague. She was raised among Nords so she can drink and tell a bawdy joke just as good as the next guy.

Prisca, on the other hand, is a sheltered and spoiled young woman from a wealthy Imperial family. Before her parents were killed by vampires, she was cheerful and optimistic. Now she’s angry and terrified, though she still tries to maintain a pleasant demeanor.

Now that these characters are really real, I should probably move on finishing and posting some of the chapters I’ve written, yes?  This story takes place in the same universe as Elspeth’s Disaster. I even went back and did a little retcon in the Disaster to show that. But the connection will be made fairly clear early on.


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