Spectacular Fan Art XVIII: Elspeth (request/giveaway)

I won an art giveaway on Tumblr and requested a version of Elspeth that technically doesn’t exist within the story…yet  I’ll just leave it here and if you guys can think of it as a plot spoiler or better, a plot teaser.  Maybe.

Anyway, the artist, known as Pyrroglaux on DeviantArt, is wonderful and has created of my favorite Elder Scrolls characters, Astarill, the grumpy Altmer whose history goes as far back as Morrwind.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 5.42.04 PM




9 thoughts on “Spectacular Fan Art XVIII: Elspeth (request/giveaway)

    1. Elspeth Aurilie Post author

      Thanks! I don’t know if the story will involve that scar specifically, but she’s going to get pretty beat up. I don’t see how I can avoid it.

      Also, I finished my chapter last night. If I don’t have to work this evening, I’ll be editing and posting tomorrow.

  1. Adam West

    Ever since Tyrion Lannister started strutting around with his scar, Adam West sees all the kids in Skyrim walking around with facial scars.


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