Greetings and Salutations XXI

The new chapter is coming along; I’ve just had all sorts of adult responsibilities rudely interrupting my creative process.  I’m also working on a couple of other things.  I still have to prepare the music/playlist for Trygve’s character development exercise on the other blog. I’m writing up things I want to include on that blog: short to medium length essays on all the things that have entertained, influenced, and inspired me over the years, recipes and other food-related posts, and reflections on the creative process.  There is also the Dawnguard story. I think I’m going to attempt to write shorter chapters for that, less than 1200-1500 words to help keep things under control.  Then again, that sort of conciseness also requires a different sort of discipline.  And I am finally finishing Jenny’s (aka Erica North) book Edgelanders and working on a review-essay.  I’m writing up two things, a general summary review to post to Amazon and Good Reads and longer, more detailed thing for the blog.

The weather is steadily improving here and the days are getting longer.  That often has the effect of helping me become more organized, but I can make no promises other than to say the stories will go on.



4 thoughts on “Greetings and Salutations XXI

    • And it makes me overwhelmingly happy to hear that you’re rereading. I’ve been rereading everything again too. I’ve got the whole rest of Book Two plotted out and it helps to go over the old things and make sure everything ties together nicely.

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