Spectacular Fan Art XVI: Xavier Andros

Erica offered my husband and I beta keys for ESO last weekend but we have neither a proper system nor adequate time to spend playing. I don’t have much interest in ESO in terms of gameplay since I’m extraordinarily selfish when it comes to the Elder Scrolls in that I want the world to be mine and all mine–though to be honest, if I had more time and money, I probably would play and really enjoy it. 

In any case, Pyrelle got a key and made himself a Breton Templar, Xavier Andros who we’ve decided is a distant relative of Elspeth’s.  And who knows, maybe we’ll collaborate on a backstory for him.  In any case, check out this bloke. Handsome, no? I took one look at him and decided he could be related to Elspeth and I said this to Pyrelle who, as it turns out, was thinking that the whole time.  More reasons why I love writing about the Elder Scrolls and the sort of collaborative moments that happen occasionally.

Also, check out Pyrelle’s review of the game, which is both thorough and highly amusing.




19 thoughts on “Spectacular Fan Art XVI: Xavier Andros

  1. I wish now I would have taken screencaps of Lorelei and Logren, but i didn’t get a chance because I didn’t play near as much as I did during other sessions. He’s a handsome bloke though.

  2. He has a back story! Unfortunately it is the same backstory as every other ESO character ever made. He was a sacrifice, awoke in Oblivion, sans soul and memory of who he was prior to the sacrifice, was released as part of an escape plan by the prophet, fought his way through Cold Harbor freeing the Prophet, confronting Molag Bal, more like listening to, defeated a gate guardian and escaped Oblivion, still sans soul and memory. hehe but I think we can come up with something better.

    Don’t tell Rakshan or Garemon but I liked playing Xavier more than them. He could rain down fire from the sun!

    1. That’s because Bretons are awesome okay. And he needs a more expansive backstory, one that is weaved into that of Elspeth’s ancestors, which one of his daughters (or granddaughters or great-granddaughters) married a Sigeweald? I’ve got to go back and review the ancestry story I wrote for her.

      1. Yeah, its more like great great great great great great great great great great-grand daughter Elspeth, yep that’s 9 greats! hehe. I am willing to help if you would like.

  3. I’ve been in the beta for three tests now and I’m not interested in the game! It really feels like they’re betraying the way that the Elderscrolls series should be played. For example I was running all the way from Mournhold in Morrowind to the Rift because I wanted to visit Windhelm with my nord and I got all the to the border of Skyrim and Morrowind and I hit an in visible wall that said you can’t go here, and I kept hitting these walls everywhere! I really felt like Zenimax is trying to kill the exploration in the game and it makes me sad. I don’t plan on spending $50, and $15 every month on this game. I like the look of Xavier and I love this Elder Scrolls fan-fiction, keep up the good work.

    1. I can see your frustration and recognize the issue you are having. It is something I should have addressed in my review and I am going to add this in a new post to shed some light on the problem, or hope to at least. I hope you check it out when I am finished.

      1. I’ll be sure to check it out. I was really upset with how the developers were talking about exploration and freedom then they made you go through two starter islands that you can’t get off of until you finished the required quests and then putting invisible walls everywhere that told me a couldn’t go this way

      2. I am working on the post now it will be finished soon and I address the starter islands as well. Trust me you are not the only one with these concerns.

    2. That would have bothered me. All I ever want to do is explore everything everywhere. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you Axarexes, I’m glad you’re still enjoying the story.

  4. Because I kinda have it in my head cannon and little note scribbles that Axarexes and Elspeth have a breif little meet in Windhelm as he was leaving with his war party to go take Fort Greenwall back from the Imperials

  5. Well I just hit my 6000 hour mark on Skyrim PC, not to mention my 3000 hours on Xbox either and I still haven’t lost interest in it. In fact I’m gonna attemp to right a prologue to my characters story within the next month. PS I’m squirming with anticipation for your next chapter!

    1. Are you going to post your story–I want to read it. If you need any advice or anything, feel free to drop me a line. My next chapter is coming along. I’ve got some grownup things to attend to today, but I hope to finish it this week. The chapter that follows should be exciting–though it’s stressing me out because it’s an original take on the lore.

      1. I might post it but I’m very picky about things and I don’t feel like I’m a very good writer, also I’m still in school so it’s not gonna be a fast thing, chapters might be up like once a month or maybe even longer. I just feel like it’s time for my passion for the Elder Scrolls to go the next level. If I’m having trouble with parts or just want another persons opinion on my work I’ll definitely hit you and Pyrelle up!

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