Greetings and Salutations XVI

Tonight someone asked if I’d given up on this story, and the answer is no, I have not.  The story has become what my graduate thesis once was and I somehow managed to finish that–even with advisers and professors inquiring if I was going to quit.  I think I know what needs to happen next to get the next chapter posted.  I hope it’s not too much longer because I am very excited about what’s coming later.

I updated the header picture and colors, which made things seem new.  It’s helped motivate me a little.  Many thanks to the creator of the character Indis Mero over at Tumblr, who gave me the screenshots.


15 thoughts on “Greetings and Salutations XVI

  1. Lulzy

    I noticed you changed your theme scheme-thing. Coolio. I was going to poke you and check if you were still alive, but as it turns out I’ve been stalling on my next post too (though not for as long, soooo…) because A to B is not fun when I want C, dammit.

  2. Pyrelle

    Great pic, nice new colors. Sometimes a little redecorating can spark a lot of creativity. I am currently doing the same thing though im finding it difficult to choose a theme for my page other than the one I have.

    1. Elspeth Aurilie Post author

      Really soon. I’m determined not to work on anything but this chapter this week so I’m aiming for Saturday. I got some comments this week that sort of boosted my confidence/inspiration about the characters in this chapter, so I’m not writing anything else for this story until after this chapter.

  3. Vahkiin

    I feel you. I’ve been working on the revising/edits for a book I just recently finished up and I do NOT want to. I stare at it and I can feel my inner four year old begin to whine and throw a fit. Take your time, if you lose the fun in it you’ll never want to do anything with it.

      1. Vahkiin

        I’m just seeing this too. I never get notifications anymore lol

        Thanks! It’s keeping me on the thin line between a bit of insanity and complete nut job.

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