Fast Times at Whiterun County Regional High School

“Elspeth!” exclaimed Trygve, “all I need you to do is calculate the rate constant of the reaction at the different temperature and put all the work and results in a table.  That’s all.  Is that really too much to ask?”

It was last period on Friday and they were in the last stretch of their final chemistry lab.  As usual, Lydia had checked out and Elspeth was fading fast.  It wasn’t surprising, but it was frustrating.

“Quiet! I’ve got all the notes.”  She gestured to the papers on the table in front of her as she focused her attention on Lydia who was incredibly distressed.  “Lydia is in the depths of despair.”

Trygve raised himself up on his lab stool and leaned forward so he could look at Lydia.  He scowled and sat back down.  “She deserves it.”

“Shut up Trygve,” Lydia said as she dropped her head into her folded arms.  “I will never love again.”

Elspeth snorted.  “All right, let’s not get carried away.”

“You don’t get to talk, Jon Snow is still alive!”  Lydia sighed.

“You know, that might be the one series of books I could support a ban on…at least during school hours.” said Trygve.  He hopped off his stool and walked to the other side of the table, where he stood and tried to press a test tube against Lydia’s face.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked as she swatted at him.

“I’m going to see if fan girl tears are more potent than non-fan girl tears and put the results on my blog,” he said.

“Fuck off Trygve.”



Apologies for the dumb drabble, I just wanted something to go along with the amazing art.  For my upcoming 25,000 Views Milestone I decided to commission some art inspired by  Lulzy’s suggestion for a modern alternate universe in which the power trio goes to high school.

When she suggested that, it planted a seed and I immediately thought of YamiSnuffles, an artist over at dA and Tumblr who draws some of my favorite Dragon Age art.  I discovered them after Dovahkiir told me that Trygve reminded her a bit of Anders and I became obsessed with all things Anders (fan art, play through videos, etc.).  Their work is wonderful, a whimsical style that still manages to convey a lot of emotional depth.  Go on and check it out.  Do it.


Also, I’ve got real chapters coming up, I promise.  I have so much written it’s not even funny.  It just seems that the chapter I need to post right now is all knotted up.


19 thoughts on “Fast Times at Whiterun County Regional High School

  1. Dovahkiir

    omg no this is the best ok screeches

    speaking of school, i finally finished all of my exams for the year ;o; fINALLY IT’S TIME FOR PRODUCTIVITY maybe i’ll get somewhere with my own story as well wowow
    also i can’t wait until you post another chapter~ none of my favorite fanfics ever update anymore laughs

  2. pyreiris

    “You know, that might be the one series of books I could support a ban on…” Buwahaha. But she’s right. Jon Snow IS still alive. He better be or I’m carving myself a roast of Martin. Joking. More or less. Great artwork, and don’t apologize for having fun woman! Wallow in it!

    1. Elspeth Aurilie Post author

      Oh! I didn’t even think to mention that to the artist. Maybe at 50,000 views I can commission a modern AU where they are elderly, sitting on the porch, and Lydia can have Cat!Stampy in her lap.

  3. Lulzy

    Bwahaha! Trygve in glasses is so adorkable I can’t even

    Glad I sparked an idea!. I’d write a High School AU but I have enough trouble with the main story as it is. *shrug*

    1. Elspeth Aurilie Post author

      I know the feeling. Though the picture is inspiring to rewrite my power trio into an original story set in high school. I’m not sure how much of high school I want to relive though.


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