Spectacular Fan Art XIII: Elspeth (Request)

I know, I’m a giant liar who promised you a chapter.  But when am I going to do when I get fan art to post?  That sort of excitement cannot be contained.

Some time ago one of my favorite Skyrim fan artists, kokomiko, was taking requests so that she could practice.  If you haven’t seen her work, you absolutely must check out her pictures of Mer women.  I love the emotion that she puts into these pictures and I was so inspired that I am  writing a story about one of them (see the one on the bottom left).  We’ve named her Tenar and I hope to have that chapter up some time after one or two Epic Disaster chapters (depending on which gets finished first).  Anyway, below the jump is her rendering of Elspeth and I am simply blown away.  I’m supposed to be a writer-type and I just can’t even put into words how excited I am.  So, take a look and then head over to her dA page and look at more of her pictures.

Additionally, she included a time lapse image that shows the steps to creating this rendering of Elsepth.  



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