Greetings and Salutations IX: Update

Pruzah Sul Fahdonne!

It’s been a busy week here.  I’ve been writing a lot, working on the next two chapters simultaneously, which has made it difficult to get the next one done and posted.  I’ve also been working on a short story set in Elspeth’s headcanon that was inspired by some Skyrim artwork over at deviantART.  I plan to have at least two things finished and posted this week, so there’s that.

The 28 Day Character Development exercise is going very well.  I think the timing for such an endeavor was perfect.  As the story moves forward and things get more complicated for Elspeth and her friends, it has been immensely helpful to take a step back and get to know her a bit more.  I am still taking suggestions for writing prompts



One thought on “Greetings and Salutations IX: Update

  1. Pyrelle

    Nice update. I think the 28 days is good for your fans as well, it helps them know Elspeth more and helps put them into your story more. I will try to think of more prompts…Here are some more…What was the most Awkward situation that Elspeth has ever had? What is the kinkiest thing she has done to her lover, and vise versa? Would she ever consider a three way? If so who would the participants be and why? What is the most Embarrassing thing anyone has ever done to Elspeth?


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