The 28DCD Challenge is On!

I have coercedconvinced several others to join the 28 Day Character Development Challenge.  Adantur, Pyrelle*, Grawnk, and (maybe) Lulzy will be joining me.  If anyone is interested in using the same prompts and writing topics, drop me an email and I’ll send them to you:

Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to and you can swap out/replace/skip any prompt.  Day One, if you need to catch up, is an easy General Biography to get you started.

I am still taking Ask Elspeth questions and suggestions for prompts.  I’m listing my entries under the tab at the top of the page, which lists links to my dA account.

Also, my next chapter is done.  I need to do some proofreading and editing, but it should go up sometime tomorrow.

*Seriously go read Pyrelle’s entry for the challenge.  He always makes me laugh.


5 thoughts on “The 28DCD Challenge is On!

  1. Pyrelle

    Woo I got an asterisk! And I read your first day. Good stuff. Most of it was already known but you put in some good tid bits too. =) I am still working on mine while I think of more questions for people =D

  2. Lulzy

    Technically I first heard about it from Adantur’s post about your post. Secondhand persuasion? idek, guuuurl. Oh, and good idea about making a separate tab/page for this. I shall steal it.

    First post took longer than I expected. I realized I hadn’t really thought about what was going on with Zahra’s past yet. So I was forced to make up my mind. I also thought of some interesting implications: she had/has no female role models at all, either growing up or now that she’s an adult. TO THE PSYCHOLOGY BOOKS! vroom-vroom

    I have the bud of an idea for day two. Perhaps. We’ll see.

  3. adantur

    This is growing quite nicely, should be most enlightening. How does it feel to possess such influence Elspeth? Will you use this influence for good or evil?


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