28 Days of Character Development

This is something I see go around Tumblr and deviantART all the time and it’s a challenge I am going to take up, except that it will be all written because I cannot draw.  28 days for February.

If anyone has any character development prompts, please send them my way. Although I may need to bend the prompts to avoid spoilers.  This challenge will focus on Elspeth and if it goes well, I may do a future one for Trygve.

I won’t be publishing all the prompts here.  If people are interested, I will post links to them.  They’ll be written in my dA journal and on Tumblr.

Edited to add: Writing prompts can be anything really.  It could be a question about her past/background, relationships/feelings about other people, etc., anything that might give insight into her character, her motivation, personality.  For example, if there is something you want to know about Elspeth, it could be framed in an Ask Elspeth type question.

I’ve included a form that will send prompt ideas to my email, for those who have ideas but are not comfortable posting in the comments.  All suggestions are welcome!


12 thoughts on “28 Days of Character Development

    1. Elspeth Aurilie Post author

      You know, I have so many Dragon Age fans on my Tumblr, it’s another fandom I feel like I’ve been roped into. But really, I only know what the characters look like–nothing more.

  1. kitdoctor

    If Elspeth were to have a crummy day, what would she do in an attempt to cheer herself up? Or what would she do in that situation, assuming she has nothing else pressing to attend to?

    Taking her personality and traits into account, what would you envision Elspeth doing in life had it not been for her specific upbringing? Basically, supplanting Elspeth into an ordinary family, in an ordinary place, how would her life develop?

    Would Elspeth take a plain looking short cut to a destination, or the longer scenic route? (again, given that time/responsibilities are not issues)

    I’ll add more when/if I think of them.

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