Spectacular Fan Art Special Edition: Zander and Friends

I know, I know.  I mentioned that I was going to put some chapters between fan art, but I am just way too excited about this.

We need to talk about Pyrelle.  On 20 June 2012, I got a very nice comment: “Took me an hour or so but I am all caught up, it was excellently written and I can’t wait to read more.”  I didn’t get a lot of comments back then and I was very, very excited to have a new reader.  Little did I know that this particular reader would turn into one of my most devoted.  His comments have brought new life to the comment section of the blog, helping to create a nice little community of Skyrim enthusiasts.  Not only that, but our snarky and silly conversations have inspired story ideas and just a couple of nights ago, he sent me some ideas for the chapter I am currently struggling with. 

I love all my readers and followers, but Pyrelle holds a special place in my heart for the enthusiasm he brings.  To show my appreciation, I asked Dovakiir to draw this.  From my brain to her tablet, we have Zander, Jon Battle Born, and Onmund* drinking and singing at the Bannered Mare.

cute patoots

I will send you the actual picture soon. I wanted to be a giant attention whore and post it here first.

Many thanks again to Dovahkiir for helping me with this.  Go check out her work at Tumblr and deviantArt.

*Yes, that is Onmund.  He doesn’t wear robes when he’s out in my headcanon.


12 thoughts on “Spectacular Fan Art Special Edition: Zander and Friends

  1. Pyrelle

    ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE passes out*…..I can not tell you how much this has made my day. I am all red in the face now and bouncing in my chair. =D


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