Spectacular Fan Art VII: Elspeth and Onmund

Thank you Karein.  I came thisclose to bursting into tears when I saw this. This is wonderful.

Look at how sweet they are!

Picture 5

Karein is an incredible artist.  Please check out more of her work on her Tumblr and deviantArt, as well as her website.


27 thoughts on “Spectacular Fan Art VII: Elspeth and Onmund

      1. Pyrelle

        It is a masterful piece, very simple and elegant. You can feel the emotion from them. I am truly jealous of the artwork you receive from fans

  1. adantur

    I swear half of your views this week are going to be me clicking on this page to see if you have a new post yet. I really should get my reader working again, can’t be giving away free views now!

      1. adantur

        You should have, I’m on fire today, done almost half of day 11 now, at the expense of exam revision. I take it your characters are being assholes again?

      2. adantur

        I see no issue then, you’ll be fine. Just think, if you don’t post it you’ll have me to answer to and I will not be a happy bunny!

      3. Elspeth Aurilie Post author

        True. I was telling Erica today that there will be readers who appreciate the creative risks I’m taking to tell a broader story than the one contained in the game. And if people don’t like it–well, no one is being forced to play in my Skyrim.

      4. adantur

        I might stop short of biting your head off, not literally anyway. I and, I think, others will appreciate the originality of your posts. It really is growing beyond the game and I think it is a wonderful thing, so much so that, when I do recognise an event from the game e.g. the dragon attack, it kind of distracts me from the true purpose of my reading, the characters you have invented/elaborated. Not to say you shouldn’t include in-game quests of course.

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