Spectacular Fan Art VI: Elspeth Sigeweald

Spice Monster drew the most wonderful picture of Elspeth Sigeweald.  I saw this on my Tumblr this morning and started bouncing in my seat.  On her deviantart page, she mentions that Elspeth is wearing a “Sigeweald pendant” and now I am going to write that into the story.

There aren’t words for how happy this makes me.  Thank you Spice Monster!


Spice Monster has some terrific Skyrim art over at deviantArt.  Her Dragonborns are unique and interesting.  Check out Ari and her very own Iris.  She also writes fan fiction with an interesting mythological twist.


3 thoughts on “Spectacular Fan Art VI: Elspeth Sigeweald

  1. Erica

    That is so cool. I love the unique characterizations Spice Monster creates. They almost seem modern, but still fit very nicely into the Skyrim world. YAY!


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